The Collector’s Marketplace Values And The Decline Of Value On Items We Saved For Increasing Value

As the economy sinks due to greedy businesses using foreign labor and a government that feeds its pockets off of the greedy corporations the economy dives to a level that the wealthy businessmen and women are satisfied with. These wealthy business men and women do their best to keep the general public that’s not business at a wealth level where they cannot create competition against them and then to boot the general public will have to buy their corporate products exclusively because there’s nothing else. This scenario has been found out to be corporations and wealthy business personalities purchasing democrat politicians and paying these democrat politicians to raise taxes that in fact destroy their “Small Business” competition.

Yes, the democrats are preaching that they want to “Raise Taxes” on the wealthy but the fact of this is the wealthy are paying the democrats to “Raise Taxes” because it destroys small business and diverts all U.S. citizens spending to the corporations and wealthy.

It’s mind bending going on to fool the public because everyone wants the wealth diverted “Away” from the wealthy and corporations. The democrats preaching that they want to raise taxes on the corporations and the wealthy to take wealth away from the wealthy works in the democrats favor to get votes. The reality is the democrats are getting paid by the corporations and wealthy to raise taxes on them that will destroy small businesses and divert “All” the wealth in the U.S. to the corporations and wealthy. By preaching “Higher Taxes On The Rich” that the voters like the democrats get the votes to divert “All” wealth in the United States to the corporations and wealthy under false pretenses for even higher corporate profits.

The problem is when corporations control the public wealth prices rise and wages go down. When businesses talk about growth they do not mean growth of wealth for the working public because the control of public wealth is what businesses want to control. They mean growth in the population through massive immigration and the diversion of wealth to them.

The problem with the diversion of wealth to one group of people is it takes wealth away from U.S. citizens and devalues the items bought and sold in the collectors marketplace because only a certain section of the general population has the money to pay for a collector’s item with decreased competition for it. “The collectors marketplace is based on someones willingness to pay an ever growing increasing price for an object that isn’t so abundant as it trades hands over the years”.

No matter what you enjoy collecting for value or for personal wants when the economy sinks into a controlled environment all collectors values decrease on collected items individually and as a group of items collected.

Millions upon millions of people have a large portion of their saved earnings invested in objects of collectibility that are dependent on a free marketplace filled with collectors that have plenty of expendable cash to pay the higher prices for objects of collectibility as they trade hands.

No matter what you enjoy collecting, “Dolls”, “Sports”, “Trading Cards”, “Comic Books”, “Transportation”, “Politics” or “Entertainment” if all the wealth gets diverted to one body of control being “Government” or “Corporate Entities” the years you spent creating some monetary gain through collectible objects will be time wasted and earnings lost.

Free Trade Is Good, But Free And Fair Trade Is Best

When nations around the world trade goods and services they foster a friendly relationship, which means that war is less likely, that is a good thing right? Well yes, of course, Free Trade is a good thing, as it allows for the most efficient producers to produce just like free markets reward the best producers and create efficiencies. Everyone can win. We create and produce what we do best, they do the same, and we trade and we all get a better deal and everyone is happy.

That is if these trade relationships are not overly manipulated by bureaucracies, international cartels, international monopolists, or state run enterprises dumping their subsidized products on the world in order to eliminate their competition for decades to come. Let’s talk.

You see, governance of Free Trade in practice isn’t working well, especially when governments, yes including our own manipulate the game. For instance, our State Department is working for certain ag companies, jet builders, car manufacturers, and technology producers at the expense of other entire industries, nor does it work when lobbyists work to undermine the very laws which would keep free trade fair. Yes, but shouldn’t we look at the bigger picture?

Absolutely, sure we need a bigger picture in this complex world, but hell if I’d trust government to come up with a solution amongst the myriad of interwoven chaos theory, which is probably why economic super-computer algorithms get it wrong most of the time and if you as 50 economists you get fifty different Expert Answers.

Why is our nation suffering from terrible trade deficits if we are so good at making things and are so productive being a capitalistic nation? Well, the regulation in the USA, along with over-lawyering class action lawsuits, and over-the-top union demands, and corporate tax rates are big reasons why US corporations off-shore their businesses, invest in other countries, and that coupled with cheaper labor – the businesses would be stupid not to cut costs and move, but who made all this nonsense possible? Simple, leftist politicians, now these same factions want to do more of the same in trade for our votes? Wow, why would I vote for someone who is giving me more tools and help digging a bigger hole to bury me in?

Our employee unions and their political influence also manipulates the integrity of our free trade efforts as well as hurt our chances of keeping our corporations here. Did you know that employee unions are 1/10th of the labor gets to have better healthcare, better pay for less work, then the other 90% has to pay more for everything they make – so everyone else pays for that – it hurts our middle class. Unions have too much power in the US, and too much political advantage. Worse, government employee unions prevent government from operating efficiently meaning costs go up, taxes go up, and we get less-and-less of what we pay for.

Why I Don’t Trust Hillary Clinton’s Economic Strategies Outlined During 2016 Presidential Campaign

Before Hillary Clinton revealed her regurgitated plan to help grow the economy again — at something better than 1.2% which is all the Obama Administration could muster after all that wasted TARP stimulus, alternative energy push, and equality mandates — she told her voters that she would be putting Bill Clinton in charge of the economy. Unfortunately, this is the same man who feel asleep during her acceptance speech – and who knows who he’ll be sleeping with while running the economy if she’s elected.

Still, all jokes aside, I don’t much like Hillary’s “Official Economic Plan” mostly because it isn’t an economic plan at all, it’s more of the same – a socialist agenda to “create jobs” – even though it isn’t the government that creates jobs, it is the private sector. She told us of how she would have more “job training” even though it has been the Democrats who attacked and sued “For Profit Colleges” to help public universities, which they now want to give free tuition. No comment of course that nearly 45% of all college tuition loans are in default or past 90-days in the rears or that this 1.3 Trillion Dollars could end up being another financial crisis. Her plan, put $350 Billion more towards debt-free college plans.

Her other brilliant plans are to stop the TPP trade treaty, which by the way, she had championed during her term at the State Department. What else is in her plan? Oh you know the typical progressive agenda stuff; Tax the Rich, Raise Minimum Wage, and re-invest tax money into programs that support “equality” and the like. The Clinton Campaign and Political Machines calls that a comprehensive economic plan?

There is an interesting article about this in The Post titled; “Clinton’s Plan Will Keep the Economy Sluggish,” posted on the 18th of August 2016, by Kerry Lear which stated the obvious:

“While Hillary is no Bernie Sanders, she still has a socialist bent. She plans to tax “rich” people but the numbers say if she taxed the top 1% at a rate of 100% it would hardly put a dent in the budget deficit. It will however reduce the ability of business owners to produce jobs.”

Only a week earlier the Wall Street Journal stated: “Wall Street Journal recently outlined the pathetic US productivity in the article, “Productivity Slump Threatens Economy’s Long-Term Growth. The longest slide in worker productivity since the late 1970s is haunting the U.S. economy’s long-term prospects, a force that could prompt Federal Reserve officials to keep interest rates low for years to come.”

Larry Kudlow on CNBC noted; “Her program would raise taxes on so-called rich people, corporations, capital gains, death, and stock transactions. She would spend massively on infrastructure and again mandate rules for private businesses. Remarkably, she has no corporate tax reform (even Obama had a plan) to revive corporate investment and boost productivity, wages, and living standards.”

Pretty much everyone who has legitimately looked at this plan has stated that her main points will only hurt job creation and point to the fact that the government isn’t good at job training or creating jobs using tax payer’s money. Think on this.

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